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Chassis Inspection And Measurement
Chassis Inspection and Measurement

TASJEEL offers a full chassis inspection, measurement and embossing service for both light and heavy vehicles. It is important to inspect the chassis if your vehicle has been repaired after an accident, or if a new chassis has been fitted, to ensure that the vehicle continues to meet legal safety requirements.

As part of the inspection, our specially trained and experienced inspectors will check the chassis, including the frame, attachments and the vehicle bodywork, to make sure that nothing is damaged. For heavy vehicles and trailers, the cab will be inspected too.

The chassis dimensions will be compared to the manufacturer’s recommended standard using our accurate Computerized Chassis Measurement system. Finally, the inspectors will establish that the vehicle-identifying chassis number is clear and visible. At the end of the inspection our team will make a decision on whether the chassis is roadworthy and provide the customer with a report advising if any chassis rectification is required.

All vehicles are now required to have a chassis number embossed before they can be registered. TASJEEL can offer a fast and efficient while-you-wait chassis embossing service

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