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TASJEEL is by the RTA in Dubai and Sharjah Police to carry out trailer testing.  As part of its responsibility to promote road safety in the the authorities require all trailers and semi-trailers to be registered and inspected to ensure that they are roadworthy.  Testing and registration are required at the same intervals as for any other vehicle.

As part of the trailer our qualified inspectors will record all technical details of the vehicle, and submit them to the RTA in Dubai (or in ESMA in Sharjah). The chassis number will by the RTA in Dubai and by the ESMA in Sharjah, which is unique to each trailer. The chassis number will then be embossed onto the chassis.

For customer we can offer a fast embossing service, which can be completed at the TASJEEL center on the same day as the trailer test and registration.  We also offer mobile vehicle chassis embossing for Fleet customers.

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