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Vehicle Registration And Renewal
Vehicle Registration


ENOC Tasjeel offers a fully approved Vehicle Registration service. Vehicle inspections are carried out by qualified personnel using the latest technologies. A team of experts evaluates the vehicle and provides advice to customers if any work is needed before proceeding to get their vehicle registered. Our testing centers are wholly equipped to help customers through the complete registration process in just one visit. Our centers offer insurance and accessory shop, adding to the convenience.

Registration Process

Required documents
Identity Document
Motorists will also need to bring: 
  1. Proof of identity, for example an Emirates ID card, 
  2. Plus a copy of their residency visa if appropriate.
Vehicle Documents
Please bring the following documents when registering a vehicle:
  1. Vehicle import, possession, Export Certificate, or
  2. Agreement Sale, or
  3. Insurance certificate
  4. Kindly note each service may require different documents. 
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